Google Doodles Marks 115th Birthday of Black Chemist Percy Julian

Friday’s Google Doodle Marks 115th Birthday of Black Chemist Percy Julian. Julian is  the second African-American Chemist to be inducted in National Academy of Sciences.

Google Doodles Marks 115th Birthday of Black Chemist Percy Julian
Google Doodles Marks 115th Birthday of Black Chemist Percy Julian(April 11, 2014)

Chemicals used in fire extinguisher, widely used during World War II and many other chemical for medicinal uses are introduced to the world by Julian. Google Doodle on 11 April 2014, specially designed with images of experimental setup, chemical formulas and plants points to Julian’s dedication on experimenting with chemicals and synthesis of medicinal drugs from plants . Alphabet ‘l’ in the Google logo is replaced with sketch of Julian itself

Percy Julian
Percy Julian

Born on  1899 at  Alabama, Julian graduated from DePauw University at Indiana and started his research and experimental works when he was young. Though Julian had to face many difficulties due to racial discrimination prevailed during his time, he managed to work on and found the exact use of plants in medicinal fields.

Percy Julian holds  more than 100 patents. Medicines used in treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Glaucoma and other inflammatory illness  made Julian get fame and honors during his life time. Julian educational achievements also includes a dozen doctorates and membership of  National Academy of Sciences. In 1954, Julian laboratories was founded by him and continued his experimental and research works over there for long time.

Julian was recognized with many honors and awards during his life time. After his death in 1975 April 19th due to cancer, a school was started in his name and  also many places and buildings were renamed to Julian’s name in his honor.  Awards for science and chemical engineering were introduced by many organizations including NOBCChE in his name. United States Postal Service issued a stamp with his image to show respect and honor for him.

With this Google Doodle, the Black Chemist who put forward a significant step in advancement of  medicines from research on plants is introduced to billions of Google users today.

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