Google Doodle in UK marks anniversary of unveiling the first Routemaster bus

Google Doodle in UK is special today, it marks anniversary of unveiling the first Routemaster bus. It was 60 years before in 1954, first Routemaster Bus which became a iconic symbol arrived in United Kingdom.

Google Doodle UK anniversary of unveiling the first Routemaster bus
Google Doodle UK anniversary of unveiling the first Routemaster bus(September 24, 2014)

Google Doodle design in simple for the occasion.Kevin Laughlin is the doodle designer. Progress and ideas in design of doodle is presented in Google Doodle offcial page.

Kevin’s doodle for anniversary of unveiling the first Routemaster bus will be present in Google UK homepage alone and much news of Routemasterbus will be available in Google Search page, clicking on this bouncing double Decker bus  .Google logo is also included in bus design at the middle portion.

Though the design and first presentation of Routemaaster Bus was on 1950’s, after the drive test first bus of the type came in service on 1956. Because of the ease and use, Routemasters became so popular, in 1959 bulk production started. It became an everyday companion for people. Production of bus ended in 1968, though it was used for transport for next 15 years.

By 2005, London withdraw Routemaster Bus services and now you can see the buses only on special occasion, and that too to mark heritage and pride.  Designer were greatly inspired by the design of the bus and many new design and models came after that.

Google Doodle with slight cartoonist touch and graphics makes the doodles special. People once traveled in the bus will be certainly happy seeing today’s doodle. Doodle will be present for 24 hours in London Homepage.


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