Google doodle to celebrate 25 years of Tetris

Google doodle to celebrate 25 years of Tetris, the classic video game that is popular all around, published on 6th June 2009. It was in 1984 June 6th this game was introduced to the world.

Google doodle to celebrate 25 years of Tetris
25 Years of Tetris (June 6, 2009)

Google doodle to celebrate 25 years of Tetris included everything to make us remember about this game and its acceptance all around the world.In Google doodle to celebrate 25 years of Tetris , we can see the colors used for the blocks used to create the Google logo in it.

About Video Game Tetris

Tetris is listed many times as the most successful and sold video games ever. Alexey Pajitnov is the man who invented this wonderful title matching video game and made the childhood life colorful.


As we can see in the video game, in the doodle also we can see the six geometry shapes. Each of the shapes used in the Tetris consist of four square blocks and the game will move to the higher level when player succeeds in making a particular number of lines with the bocks moving and rotating without gaps.

Though it was the first entertainment software to be exported from USSR there was many legal issues regarding the ownership of this successful game. It was in the year 1996, the inventor Alexey got the ownership right and began the Tetris Company.

As we can see in all the other games this game has also got many changes completing 25 Years of Tetris Journey. Today advanced and attractive versions are available on mobile phones, computers and other devices which increases its popularity.

According to the researchers statement Tetris is not only an entertainment game it has got great role in improving the brain activity. While playing Tetris people will use brain effectively so that they will think a lot and make the brain live and active.

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