Google Doodle on Purim 2007

Purim is a special day observed by the people of Israel to memorize the deliverance from the Empire from being destroyed. The Purim Day has got great importance for the people living over there. The basis of the celebration of the day is explained by the Esther chapter in Bible.

Google Doodle on Purim 2007
Purim 2007(March 4, 2007)

Google doodle appeared on 4th in the month of March of the year 2007 was in dedication to Purim of Israel. Google Doodle on Purim 2007 include the pictures of Mask and Noise maker in it. Primarily it was observed in the 14th day in the Hebrew calendar on the month of Adar. Now the celebration day have been shifted to the 15th of the month of Adar. Substitution by mask for the letter ‘g’ and noise maker for the letter ‘l’ was very relevant because the doodle was especially dedicated for announcing the Purim Day specialty.

Places in which Purim is celebrated observes many special customs on the day. One of the custom associated with this is serving the poor. Feasting on special dishes and drinks also include among the main customs of the day. People dress up in new costumes on the day and celebrate with all joy and fun.

Celebrations of day starts from morning and last till the night. Many song, stories and gaming program occurs in country to celebrate then day. In most of the place the beginning of the start by reading the chapter of Esther from Bible. The Purim day meal includes the dishes like poppy seed filling, cooked meat, sweet pastries, chocolates, apricot, prune and other fruits.

Purim Special Dish
Purim Special Dish
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Story related to the origin of Purim begins as a feast organized by King Ahasuerus for 180 day to the army of Media and Persia. Mordecai, Haman and Esther are the main other people that are referred in the entire story. Haman was a main person in the kingdom of Ahasuerus who helped the king to take major decisions. He once planned to kill all the Jewish people in the kingdom. This plan was understood by the kings adopted daughter and Moderai. They both joined together and distrusted the plan of Haman and thus all Jews lived during that time. From then this day is celebrated in a grand way all over there in rejoicing and sharing the happiness.

Google also participated in the memory of this large escape of Jews with this doodle. The way in which the doodle was designed was very special and it explained the significance of the day in the Jewish history briefly at the same time very clearly. Google always tried to come up with special doodle in its homepage on all most all special days. This Google doodle was a very different, simple and unique doodle which Google came up with till that day.

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