Google Doodle on 4th of July 2005

Every year 4th of July has got a great importance in United States. It is their independence day. People in United States also celebrate their independence day with grand programs. Google have released special doodles on 4th of July every year to make the celebration more wide and colorful.

Google Doodle on 4th of July 2005
4th of July 2005(July 4, 2005)

In the year 2005 also Google came up with a different doodle in its homepage on United States.  Google logo was given special colors apart from the usual logo colors. It also included the picture of liberty bell in it. Flag color was used to give the color to Google logo. Inclusion of the liberty bell in the doodle made it look different from ordinary Google logo.

United State became a federal republic in the year 1776 on 4th of July. From the year 138 this day is declared as a paid holiday in the country. On 4th of July in 1776 delegates from 13 states came together and announced the independence of United States. Government over there gives the very next day holiday if 4thof July falls on Sunday.

4th of July Parade
4th of July Parade
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United States jointly celebrate the day. Togetherness and respect for the nation is reflected in every programs of the day. 4th of July is one of the most celebrated day in the entire year in United States. To include the spark of the day in the theme Google incorporated the colorful firework picture in it. Fireworks are seen in every places of United States in this day. So the inclusion of it in the doodle made it attractive at the same it helped to convey the joy of the day symbolically.

As in the Google Doodle on 4th of July 2005 the decorations of this day also mainly include the usage of red, blue and white color which is the colors in the United States national flag. Shops, malls, restaurants, streets everywhere we can see the celebration mood. It’s a great feel to walk along the streets of United States on that day to enjoy the happiness and joy of the day.

Las Vegas, Disney Land, Disney World, great smoky mountain, time square are some among the tourist places which makes the national tourism grow in high percentage every year. On 4th of July in all these places a wide variety of programs are organized to attract tourist as well as to show the respect for their country. In the year 2005 Google wishes a very happy independence day with this Independence Day special doodle.

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