Google Doodle India Independence Day 2003

Independence Day of India has got much relevance in making the country in its current form. It’s on August 15th 1947 India became independent from British rule. From 1947 every year on August fifteenth grand functions are arranged to celebrate the anniversary of independent India.

Google Doodle India Independence Day 2003
India Independence Day 2003(August 15, 2003)

Google Doodle on its homepage landed on India in the year 2003 was specially designed to wish every Indians the wishes of the day. India’s national flag was included in the doodle on Google letter ’l’. India has got a very beautiful national flag with three equal width horizontal bands and Ashok Chakra in the center of center band.

Saffron, white and green are the three colors seen on the national flag of India. Ashok Chakra in the center is in navy blue color. Saffron color points out the sacrifice and courage, white color represents purity, green color represents prosperity. Ashok Chakra in the center of the flag has got great message to convey. It represents the laws of Dharma. Google Doodle India Independence Day 2003 also included Ashok Chakra in the second ‘o’ in the doodle.

Cultural heritage and values of the country is outstanding. Apart from this India is also gifted with many natural resources. The greenery we can see in the states of India really gives a pleased feel to our heart. Indian culture and tradition has got a wide popularity in the world. There are many unique and distinct festivals in India. India consists of people of more than 12 religions. Democratic rule of India give the freedom to live, travel and do whatever people likes without hurting and disturbing the others.

Art, literature and science of the country much developed and progressive. There are many great personalities who have contributed their works to the world from India. Indians are famous for their love, unity and respect to all. Their humanity, tolerance and affectionate behavior make them respected by all.

Indian Flag
Indian Flag
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India is a country with many cultural and social values. Indians respect their ancestors who fought for them to gain independence. It’s to show their respect for them they are observing the anniversary of independence in grand way. The functions of Independence Day begin from morning parade and flag hoisting. Then throughout the day a large varieties of programs takes place at various parts of the country. August 15th is an official public holiday in India.

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