Google Doodle Hinamatsuri 2009

Hinamatsuri is the festival celebrated in Japan every year on March 3. It’s a kind of dolls festival or dolls day. In Google doodle we can see the festival and association of it to dolls. Google doodle Hinamatsuri 2009 was very colorful and beautiful and at the same time conveyed the message of Hinamatsuri day in it.

Google Doodle Hinamatsuri 2009
Google Doodle Hinamatsuri 2009 (March 3, 2009)

It was during the Heian Period the festival of dolls started in Japan. In Google Doodle Hinamatsuri 2009  also we can see the replacement of characters with dolls and other lightings equipment’s in it. It’s quite usual to see the dolls placed in the red carpet arranged in different levels and platforms.

This doll festival is also known as girl’s festival. There is a custom of floating dolls in water on this day and it’s meant to protect the children. As the dolls that we see in the Hinamatsuri 2009 doodle, we can see houses with girls decorated with similar dolls placed in the red carpet on the day. People over there believe that dolls have the power to wipe out evil.

There are many special dishes and drinks tasted and toasted during this Hinamatsuri  festival season. Keeping dolls in the house symbolizes happiness and peace at the same time leaving it after March 4th is believed to bring misfortune and late marriage for the girls in the house.

[Image Credit :xaonai]
This traditional Hinamatsuri festival has got great importance in Japan. There is special form of arrangements for the dolls in the red carpet. As told before there is a platform based arrangement for the dolls. The first platform is similar to that we see in the doodle, it includes two dolls known as imperial dolls. As in the doodles there will also two garden trees and lanterns held in it.

In the following 6 platforms we can see the dolls of court ladies, musicians, ministers, helpers, carriages and the other items used by emperors. Girls in the home are wished on the day. Special prayers are done for the girls in the worship places.

Hinamatsuri 2009 Google doodle is designed by including the top platform doll decoration followed in Japan. As it include all things included in doll festival and colors in decoration seen on the day, it becomes the perfect one to share the message of celebration.

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