Google Doodle Fat Thursday 2007

Fat Thursday is a day which is observed in Poland. It is a day dedicated for feasting on variety of dishes. The observance of Fat Thursday will take place on the Thursday before the lent for Easter.

Google Doodle Fat Thursday 2007
Fat Thursday 2007(February 15, 2007)

Google published a Fat Thursday doodle on its homepage on February 15th of 2007.Google Doodle Fat Thursday 2007 included the picture of Paczki, the common dish seen on the tables on this day. As the dish has got a round shape it is used to replace the Google logo letter ‘o’. Inclusion of Paczki in the plate on Google homepage in polish seemed to the easy way by Google to explain the Polish people the significance of day.

In some countries Fat Tuesday is observed instead of Fat Thursday. Italy, Germany and France are the other countries which observe similar kind of customs. In some place the day is a holiday and in some other places it’s a half day holiday. Family members sit together for the feast on special dishes. Usually they start the day with a prayer. The main aim of observing this day is to prepare the mind for taking lent for the next 50days to celebrate the Easter.

Apart from Poland many other countries also follow some similar tradition of celebrating a day especially for feasting. Food is the unavoidable need of human and without food we can’t survive. To sacrifice what we love is the best way to pray to God. According to the Christian custom people will take lent on 50 days before Easter. They will sacrifice many food items on those fifty day and do fasting in many days during this time period. Easter is observed by Christians to celebrate the win over death by Jesus Christ after his crucifixion.

This festival has got a great importance in the Christian community. Most of the people observe the lent for fifty days so as an initial step before a long lent they will feast on the favorite dishes on the Thursday before the lent. After the fat week till Easter people over there sacrifices the things they love to eat.


The main food items which are seen on Fat Thursday are Paczki which is the name given to doughnuts filled with Jam and Faworki which is a dish with lot of sweet and sugar in it. Most of the dishes served on the day includes sugar and sweet. Sweet cakes are popular among them.

The custom celebrating this started on 17th century. Beginning from Thursday the entire week is dedicated on feasting on dishes. At that time they feasted on meat and other non-vegetarian dishes on this day but when the years passed people started including baked cakes and sweet dishes to feast on the menu of the day.

Fat Thursday is also known by the name Paczki day as there is the tradition of eating large number of Paczki on that day. The cakes shops and other shops will be flowing with large crowd on this week to purchase the things used for making their favorite food items. Google doodle on the homepage landed on Fat Thursday was to mark the beginning of Fat Week. Thus Google wished all people on Poland a great fat week by this doodle.

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