Google Doodle Children’s Day 2003

A day for our sweet and innocent children, it’s what the Children’s Day is. Most of the countries dedicate a day for children. It’s on May 5th Japan celebrates Children’s Day. Google also took part in the celebration on 2003. The day is public holiday in Japan.

Google Doodle Children’s Day 2003
Children’s Day 2003(May 4, 2003)

Google doodle on this day included special fish flags. These flags are commonly seen in Japanese sky during this season. The placement of fish kites on Google ‘l’ added the beauty of the Google Doodle Children’s Day 2003. Though there were no crowded decorations in the doodle it conveyed the message of the day clearly.

Japanese people celebrate Children’s Day on the 5th day of the 5thmonth of the year. It’s also the part of golden in week. The week which includes the Children’s Day in Japan consists of many national holidays. So the entire week is celebrated in a grand way by Japanese people. The week includes parties, picnics and fun making. In most of colleges and schools a long vacation of more than ten days are announced on this season. So people over there arrange picnics and parties with family and friends on this season.  It’s the days of enjoyment for them.

Crap Kites
Crap Kites

It was in 1948 the Japanese government declared the day as a public holiday. Since then each year variety of programs are arranged in Japan to make this day colorful. Variety of competitions is arranged in Japan to make their day colorful. Special gifts are given to children on that day by their parents and grandparents. A number of crap kites and kintro, a special doll representing superhero are seen all around the country on this day.

Celebration of this day includes feasting on special dishes. Chimaki, a special type of rice paste wrapped in bamboo leaf and Mochi rice cakes in oak leaf are the special dish served on that day on every house. Celebration of this day lasts till the end of day with many marvelous events. Children are the main stars of the day. Every event organized on this day mainly focus on children.

The Children’s Day in Japan is not only celebrated for the children, it’s also specially celebrated to honor mothers. Like in Japan many others celebrates a day for children. Children’s Day is the day for celebration in every country. Children are the life of a country. They are the ones who become the light of nation.  So the day for the children has got great significance.

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