Google Doodles

Google make changes to their logo on certain occasions like national days, festivals, birthdays of eminent personalities. Animated, non-animated and interactive doodles are used by Google to announce the world the message of the day. It’s from 1998 they started creating changes to logo.

Animated Google Doodle for American Tennis Player Althea Gibson on 87th Birthday

Althea Gibson Google Doodle

Today, on first day of US Open tennis tournament 2014, Google honors the most prominent Tennis player of America Althea Gibson with a doodle. Its Gibson’s 87th Birthday marked with this interactive Google Doodle. Unfortunately doodle is visible only for Google US users. Althea Gibson is the lady with clear view of life success and failure. Gibson have said many …

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Google Marks Uruguay Independence Day 2014 with Doodle

uruguay independence day 2014 google doodle

Today’s Google Doodle in Uruguay Marks the anniversary of Independence attained on 1825 August 25.It’s from Brazil Uruguay gined Independence on the day after long fights and struggles. Within Uruguay 2014 Independence day Doodle you can see that the second ‘O’ within official logo replaced by chivito, The national dish of Uruguay,can also see a small flag of Uruguay on …

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Google Celebrates Ukraine Independence Day 2014 with Fruitful Doodle

Ukraine Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle

23rd Independence Day of Ukraine is marked today on Google homepage with change in Google logo. Instead of usual Google logo, you can see many fruitful trees , people and birds doodled in it. Ukraine Independence Day doodle is designed by artist Vladyslav Yerko, the guest artist from Yerko.Google Doodle, clicking on it list search link of Ukraine Independence Day, …

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Katherine Mansfield, writer from New Zealand honored with Google Doodle

Katherine Mansfield Google Doodle

Search giant Google marked the birthday of Katherine Mansfield, the modernist writer from New Zealand on 125th Birthday, 14 October 2013. Mansfield was born in 1888. Google Doodle on the day includes a sketch of the writer itself replacing logo alphabet ‘l’. Google presented doodle on homepage of Australia and New Zealand for 24 hours. Clicking on Doodle for Katherine …

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Google Doodle to Mark German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s 169th Birthday

Friedrich Nietzsche's 169th Birthday Google Doodle

Google Doodle on 15 October 2013 marked birthday of Controversial German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. It was Nietzsche’s 169th Birthday marked by the doodle.Friedrich Nietzsche was born on 15 October 1844, at Germany. You can see slight animation in Google Doodle replacing alphabet ‘o’ on logo, including Friedrich Nietzsche’s image in a different style, Google Doodle was featured.  Nietzsche works always …

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Vinicius de Moraes honored on 100th Birthday with Google Doodle

Vinicius de Moraes Google Doodle

Google Doodled on 100th Birthday of famous Brazilian poet Vinicius de Moraes also nicknamed as O Poetinha,  ‘ the little poet’ on October 19th. Doodle was present on Google Brazil on the day. Google Doodle for Moraes featured the little poet itself in it, holding a guitar and enjoying the piece of music at the background of beautiful Brazilian beach side. …

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