Google Doodles

Google make changes to their logo on certain occasions like national days, festivals, birthdays of eminent personalities. Animated, non-animated and interactive doodles are used by Google to announce the world the message of the day. It’s from 1998 they started creating changes to logo.

Swiss National Day 2014 marked with Google Doodle

Swiss National Day 2014 Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle in Switzerland marks National Day 2014. August 1 is celebrated in grand way all of Switzerland. In Google Doodle for Swiss National Day, you can see spirit of celebration over the country. Jürg Lindenberger is the designer of Swiss National Day doodle for the year. Celebration in woods, guest artist Jürg Lindenberger included all special ingredients for celebration in …

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Muralist Juan Carol Castagnino’s 105th Birthday marked by Google Doodle

Juan Carol Google Doodle

Google Doodle on 18 November 2013 marks birthday of famous Argentinian  painter, sketch artist and architect Juan Carol Castagnino.  Doodle was present in homepage of Google Argentina. Motivation of the Google Doodle is from one of Carol Castagnino’s  famous work. It’s for José Hernández’s poem Martín Fierro this image was drawn by Carol. This epic poem with 2316 line is regarded as Argentina’s …

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Salvador Novo 110th Birthday Marked with Google Doodle

Salvador Novo Google Doodle

Mexican Writer Salvador Novo gets a Google Doodle, its 110th birthday of Novo marked by this doodle on Google Mexico. Novo is also famous as a entrepreneur, tv show presenter, poet and play writer. Google Doodle for Novo includes his portrait, its alphabet ‘o’ in logo replaced with Novo’s image holding a pen. Doodle for Novo will be present of …

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Google Doodle Marks Austria National Day 2013

Google Doodle Austria National Day 2013

Austria celebrates their National Day on October 26th. This day is very important and special for them, also is one among thirteen public holidays observe in the country. Google Doodle Marks Austria National Day 2013 on the homepage landed on country. Anniversary of Declaration of Neutrality, on 1955 October 26th, marked as National Day in Austria. Google Doodle for the …

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India Independence Day Google Doodles and Indian History

Indian Independence Day Google Doodles

Independence of India from British rule in 1947 on 15 of August, commemorated every year with parades, flag hoisting, prayers  with great importance in India. August 15 , Indian Independence Day is an official national holiday. For wishing Indians happiness of National Day, Google have came up with many doodles which reflects tradition, culture and Patriotism in correct sense. Here …

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Google Doodle marks Morocco Independence Day 2013

Morocco Independence Day 2013 Google Doodle

18 November is celebrated as Independence Day in Morocco. In the year 2013, Google marks this special day with a doodle on homepage landed on the country.   Google Doodle on the day designed with a courtyard with fountain in the middle, reflecting the culture of Morocco. In almost all houses in Morocco, you can see a courtyard in this …

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Peru Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle

Google Doodle for Peru Independence Day 2014

Google Doodle marks 193 years of Peruvian Independence  in homepage. Three day festival with traditional dance, games and cuisines have already started over there. In Google Doodle for Peru Independence Day 2014, you can see special Peruvian cuisine ceviche, seafood prepared on the day with lemon juice. Peru National flag is also included in doodle in different style. Día de la …

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Google honors Fatherhood with doodle at Dominican Republic

fathers day dominican republic

Google honor fatherhood at Dominican Republic with doodle on homepage. It’s last Sunday of July celebrated as father’s day in Dominican Republic.   Google Doodle sketches a father playing with his kid in toy flight in different colors. Google logo alphabet is included in doodle as written onside wings of flight. In 2014, it’s on 28th July Dominican Republic celebrating …

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2013 Latvia Independence Day celebrates Google Doodle featuring Kokle

2013 Latvia Independence Day celebrates Google Doodle

Google Latvia marks Independence Day of nation with a special doodle on November 18th. It’s from German and Russian occupation Latvia gained Independence.   Google Doodle for Latvian Independence Day 2013 includes a traditional musical theme as the base theme. Kokle is the musical instrument seen in doodle. Google logo alphabets are also included in the doodle as a part …

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Olympic Gold Medalist Leon Štukelj honored with Google Doodle

Leon Štukelj honored with Google Doodle

Google dedicated a doodle on Slovenian homepage for athlete Leon Štukelj on his birthday. It’s 115th birthday of this Olympic gold medalist celebrated by Google Doodle. Leon Štukelj is portrayed in the doodle with two gymnastic rings replacing Google logo alphabet ‘o’. Leon Štukelj was actually a Yugoslav gymnast of Slovenian nationality. Štukelj was born on 12 November 1898. He was …

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