Frank Lloyd Wright 138th Birthday Google Doodle

Frank Lloyd Wright was a well-known personality who lived during the time 1867 to 1959. Frank Lloyd 138th birthday was celebrated by Google by a special doodle. Doodle was designed in a special innovative style.

Frank Lloyd Wright 138th Birthday Google Doodle
Frank Lloyd Wright 138th Birthday(June 8, 2005)

Google doodle on Frank Lloyd Wright’s birthday in 2005 included the logo alphabets in a different style. Doodle included the famous buildings images instead of the Google letters in a unique way. Specialty of the architecture of Frank Lloyd works which goes in hand with nature and environment are sketched out beautifully in the doodle with all the sincerity towards it. We can see the pictures of museum, waterfalls, buildings and trees sketched in the doodle. Everything in theFrank Lloyd Wright 138th Birthday Google Doodle has some to say about  Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright was born on June 8thin the year 1867. It was believed that his primary education was completed from Madison high school. In the year 1886 he joined the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He worked as a lecturer there and after that he joined in the architectural firm of Joseph Lyman Silsbee as a draftsman. Later he moved from his firm and joined with other workers and at last he found himself qualified to build the structures in his style and model.

Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was a person who always tried to create modern and innovative style of architecture. Apart from holding the title of a good architect he showed his talents in interior designing, writing and in artistic works also. He was a multitalented personal who showed his talents at its best in all areas he entered. He completed about 1000 of buildings and more than 500 writings in his life time.

He created a new style of architecture which is totally different from those existing at that time. His designs were totally environmental friendly. He had designed many famous buildings. Most of them were made to realty without harming anything in Nature. He called it as Organic Architecture. This made Frank Lloyd popular among other architects. The design of falling water by him in the year 1935 was the best example of his talents. It was the best American architecture ever had. It was in 1920’s his organic architecture style flourished in all places.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous works includes Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Ennis House, Falling Water, Gam mage Auditorium, First Unitarian society of Madison, Child of the sun- Florida southern college, Beth Shalom synagogue, Larkin administrative building and Marin country civil center. These works made him the outstanding figure.

He was given many honors and awards for his works during his life time and also after his death. He had received gold medal in the year 1941 from the Royal British institute of Architects and in the year 1949 from American Institute of Architects. Apart from this he had also received many other honors too. In the year 1966 postal stamp with his image was released in America to their respect towards Frank Lloyd Wright. He was died on April 9th in 1959.

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