First day of spring 2009 Google Doodles

Google to welcome First day of spring season on 2009 published two doodles in homepage landed on different countries on March 20th. Both the doodles were come out from the mind of designer Eric Carle.

First day of spring 2009 Google Doodles
First day of spring 2009 Google Doodles (March 20, 2009)

First day of spring 2009 Google doodle included all the beauty and color of spring in it. Spring is the most colorful season of the year. We can see pictures including many flowers, fruits and happiness by many artist relating this reason. This is a season of rebirth and renewal. It’s also a season related to growth and flowering.

Both the First day of spring 2009 doodles that appeared on the Google homepage was similar and beautiful. Google included lots of fruits in it in different colors. Caterpillars feed on fruits in this season. We can also see the image of a hungry caterpillar in the doodle. Most of the letters in the Google doodle is replaced with fruits with a hole in it as if caterpillar is feeding on it.

First day of spring 2009 doodle
First day of spring 2009 doodle

One Spring doodle was specially designed for eight countries including Australia, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, NZ and Bolivia. The next one with a slight color change appeared on all the other countries were the spring season started on March 20.

Flowers, fruits, plants and birds are taken as symbols by many artist to represent the spring season. In the doodle that Google published also we can see the same symbolic representation of spring season in it. It is the best season of the year.

Google doodle fort this beautiful Spring season became more beautiful with the inclusion of caterpillar and plants in it. It added life to the doodle and pointed to the rebirth and new transformation in the life.

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