Fifth generation iPad runs on iOS7 OS will release in Q3 2013

Fourth generation iPad along with iPad Mini released back in September, gets good response from customers. As by reports fifth generation iPad runs on iOS7 OS will release in Q3 2013.

Fifth generation iPad runs on iOS7 OS will release in Q3 2013

The release of 5th generation iPad will make by company in the month of September, 2013. The main feature of upcoming iPad is nothing but iOS7 operating system itself, will have redesigned structure. The iOS7 operating system will vary in application and service base from that of iOS6 version.

The fifth generation iPad will be powered by A7 processors, promises ultra-fast processing speed. The camera specifications of upcoming iPad will be not disclosed by the sources. It is thinks that the 5th generation iPad will feature with improved camera than that off previous tablet series. It also have support of intelligent assistant Siri.

iPad Mini

Apple will also make retina display iPad Mini along with the release of fifth generation iPad. The first iPad mini lacks retina display, to make the tablet cheap with 7.9 inch screen size. The second generation iPad Mini have retina display in same 7.9 inch screen size, will runs on iOS7 operating system.

The main reason for why most of customers chooses iPad mini is its light weight and thin structure. It is as light as 308 gram and have a depth of 7.2mm. It is powered by dual core A5 processors. The 7.9 inch tablet is perfectly fit the hand.

It is also have a chance for reduction in the screen size of fifth generation iPad. Apple will make the detailed announcement in near by future.


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