Earth Day 2002 Google Doodle

The important aim of celebrating Earth Day is to aware people about the Earth’s natural environment and the need of conserving it. The Earth Day is originally celebrated at Spring Equinox around March 20 and is now celebrated on April 22 as a commemoration of movement held by Gaylord Nelson.

Earth Day 2002 Google Doodle
Earth Day 2002 (April 22, 2002)

It is celebrated as an annual day in which several events are conducted in order to spread awareness among public. In every almost 175 countries celebrate Earth Day and the events held on the special day is now coordinated globally by Earth Day Network. In 2009 April 22 is declared as International Mother Earth Day by United Nations.

Earth Day is planned to celebrate on April 22 in all years at least till 2015. The idea and for Earth Day is first introduced by  John McConnell I a conference held by UNESCO in San Francisco in the year 1969. He proposed the name and date for the unique day in 1979. The proposed date was first day of spring in the northern hemisphere i.e. March 21.

The proposal was initially sanctioned by Secretary General U Thant at the United Nations by signing the Proclamation. A month later another Earth Day was founded in environmental teach-in that was held for first time on April 22, 1970 by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson. The organization of this event was only concentrated in United States and the actual national coordinator of this Earth Day celebration was an organization launched by Denis Hayes.

Later in 1990 the celebration is conducted in 143 countries around the world and it became an international event. Many communities celebrate the whole week as Earth Week with the awareness programs that will last for the whole week.

Gaylord Nelson
Gaylord Nelson
[ Image Credit :wisconsinhistory]
So after 1990’s April 22 was elected as a unique day to celebrate Earth Day. Google take part in this global event by releasing a special doodle on April 22, 2002. This simple Google doodle itself reminds the importance of the day. The first ‘o’ in the Google logo is replaced with the earth as whole. So by this Google try to spread awareness among their viewers about to protect earth and its environment.

Now as a part of modern day celebrations the Earth Day is organized in different public places like schools, offices, government institutions etc. It is considered as a mere truth or our self-belief that we human have the ultimate control of all environment resources. But each creature and creation in this planet has the right to make use of all resources. So it’s important to us to recognize the importance of Earth and its environment and protect it from harmful situation.

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