Dragon Boat Festival 2009 Google Doodle with Dragon Boats

Dragon Boat Festival takes place manly in Taiwan, Singapore, China and Hong Kong. It was on May 28th this festival was celebrated in the year 2009. Dragon Boat Festival 2009 Google Doodle appeared on the homepage of these countries.

Dragon Boat Festival 2009 Google Doodle
Dragon Boat Festival 2009 Google Doodle (May 28, 2009)

The boats with the dragon head design will be ready for the race in the rivers on the day. Many people all over the world go to witness this rare and beautiful Dragon racing competition on the day. It is a very colorful sight to see boats moving in with different colors in water on Dragon Boat Festival day.

In the Dragon Boat Festival 2009 Google Doodle , the letters ‘o’ and ‘g’ is designed to the dragon head boats moving in water. The color of the boat in the doodle is the actual logo colors. Inclusion of the Dragon boat in the doodle as if it’s ready for the race in the water makes it perfect for the festival.

[Image Credit :pimslerrapproch]
Though this festival known as Dragon boat festival takes place mainly in these countries there are many other places in South Asia which celebrates festival similar to this but in different names.‘Vallamkali’ in Kerala is a boat race which is famous all over the world is a similar racing competition that takes place annually.

There are many legends relating to the initial celebration of Dragon Boat Festival in China out of which the one which relates Qu Yuan is the most prominent and widely believed one.

People all over China and neighboring countries celebrates the day in a grand way following some traditions like making sticky rice and Zongzi and eating and floating bamboo leafs in the water.

International Dragon Boatrace Federation is the official authority which is in charge of this boat racing competition that takes place annually in association with Dragon Boat Festival. People all over the countries were this festival takes place enjoy the day with the spirit of the festival.

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