Dr Martin Luther King Day 2007 Google Doodle

Dr. Martin Luther King was a great man who had his own views and ideas on every matter he involved. He was born in Georgia on January 15th. Every year in United States and Canada a special day is observed to honor him and to spread his ideologies among the new generation. This day which is used to memorize Dr. Martin Luther King is known by the name Dr. Martin Luther King Day.

Dr Martin Luther King Day 2007 Google Doodle
Dr. Martin Luther King Day 2007(January 14, 2007)

As he is born on January the Dr. Martin Luther King Day is observed on the third Monday of the month. Naturally the day comes near to his actual birth date. Celebration of this day started with a simple celebration in the year 1986. As the years were passed people understood the importance of what Dr. Martin Luther King had done for them and the popularity of the day increased drastically. Now we can see a wide range of special programs on this day on various parts of the country.

Dr Martin Luther King Day 2007 Google Doodle on the homepages of United States and Canada was specially designed to honor him on his day. It included the picture of children playing with their jumping ropes. It is to visualize the freedom of human designer included this figure in the doodle. This figure gave life to the doodle. Dr. Martin Luther King was a man who fight for human rights throughout his life time. He wanted a world without any linguistic and cultural discrimination where black and white people enjoyed equal rights.

Dr. Martin Luther King
Dr. Martin Luther King
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Dr. Martin Luther King was a clergyman. He was the man who took initiatives to lead the African American Civil Rights movement. He was also a renowned activist of his time who worked for the welfare of common man. He took doctorate in Philosophy in the year 1955.

Martin Luther King was also a good writer who wrote more than 5 books and numerous articles. His quotes and thoughts give us the inspiration to lead a life where total freedom is enjoyed by man. In all his works we can see a positive energy and spark which gives lights to our mind. It was his sincere efforts in making the changes to the world made him the honor of Nobel Prize in the year 1964 for peace.

Dr. Martin Luther King was inspired by the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi and he took his policy of nonviolence to lead all the movements in the life. He even visited Gandhi’s birth place. There are many other personalities from whom Dr. Martin Luther King got the inspiration to become what he is.

Apart from the Nobel Prize for peace Dr. Martin Luther King also got many more awards during his life time including the presidential award. After a long life for the welfare of mankind Dr. Martin Luther King died on 4th of April on 1968. He was a good leader of all time. His theories are taken as account for taking many critical decisions today also. After his death many places were renamed to his name to show the honor and respect for him.

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