Doodle Swiss National Day 2003 by Google

Swiss National Day, the day to honor the comrades who fought for freedom and to show their respect for them is on August 1. Great importance is given by Swiss people for the celebration of the day.

Doodle Swiss National Day 2003 by Google
Swiss National Day 2003 (August 1, 2003)

Swiss National day is celebrated in the anniversary day of the establishment of Swiss federal constitution. In the year 1291 on August federal charter was signed in Switzerland. It’s the document which consisted dozens of pacts to attest territory. Swiss National Day is an official national holiday in Switzerland.

Doodle Swiss National Day 2003 by Google on the home page was the reflection of actual beauty of Switzerland, the country locket between Alps. Doodle was designed in a background of snow fallen mountains. We can see shadow of Google logo in the river flowing silently near the mountain. It’s what actually called imagination. It added the beauty to the Google doodle. Doodle also included the national flag of Switzerland on the Google logo to show that this day is very special for the nation.

Swiss National Day
Swiss National Day
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National day of Switzerland in the most celebrated public holiday. The celebration includes parades, group gatherings, competitions and picnics. Swiss people celebrate the day with families and friends.

Every year on August 1st illumination on the largest waterfall Rhine’s is lit. It will be lit only ones in the year on this day. Thousands of people flow to this place to enjoy the beauty of this. It’s really a fantastic sight. Google also wished the Swiss people the wishes of the day by releasing this doodle.

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