Coming of Age Day 2003 Google Doodle

Japanese people started the Coming of Age Day celebration since AD 714. Coming of Age Day is celebrated to wish those who have entered the age of majority. It is celebrated on the second Monday of January. In the year the celebration of Coming of Age Day was on January 13th.

Coming of Age Day 2003 Google Doodle
Coming of Age Day 2003(November 14, 2003)

Google doodle on November 14th in the year 2003 was titled Coming of Age Day 2003. Coming of Age Day 2003 Google Doodle also included the pictures of a Japanese men and women wearing their traditional costumes. Placement of Japanese men and women was in front of Google logo alphabet o’s. Google doodle on this day just reflected the concept of the observance of the day clearly and accurately.

Coming of Age Day celebrations are wide and colorful. Parties and several variety programs will be organized all around the country for it celebration. Schools, colleges and offices will also take part in the celebration by honoring those who entered the age of majority. Till the year 2000 Coming of Age Day celebration was on 15th January. But from 2000 the celebrations changed to 2nd Monday of January.

Japanese citizen gain the right to vote on the age of 20. They believe that a person will attain the strength to face the challenges of life at this age. At the age of 20 new responsibilities will be given by parents to their children to make them capable of competing with the world.

Coming of Age Day
Coming of Age Day
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Coming of Age Day is a public holiday in Japan. All around the country Coming of Age ceremonies will take place. Those who have entered to the age of adulthood will wear special costumes on that day.Furisode is a traditional Japanese dress which is a kimono with long sleeves. This is a common costume wore by Japanese women on that day. Japanese men wear traditional kimono with Hakama on that day.

It was when a prince changed his hairstyle and donned new robes in AD 714 to show he had entered in to adulthood the concept of celebrating this day got birth. It was in 1948 Coming of Age Day was declared as an official holiday. From there we can see many celebrations on this special day to make it the most colorful day.

On this day Japanese people entered in to the age of majority take several ought to make the future bright and colorful. The entire day is dedicated of celebration and fun. All try to make the day the best day in their life. Google also wished a bright future those who entered in to the adulthood by this doodle.

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