Claude Debussy doodle with animation and clair de lune music

Claude Debussy doodle appeared in the Google homepage on his 151st birth anniversary. Google doodle included the the famous composition of this French composer known as clair de lune.

Claude Debussy doodle (Aug 22, 2013)
Claude Debussy doodle (Aug 22, 2013)

Claude was born in the year 1862 on August 22nd. As we can see in the Claude Debussy Google doodle on Google homepage he had an inbuilt talent in creating  great compositions and skill to make it perfectly synchronize with the heart and soul of listeners. He started his career as a music composer very early in his life. By 1890’s end he became prominent as a known composer.

Debussy was a prominent music composer who had great influence from best musicsians of his time and at the same time he became the inspiration for the young music composers.

Claude Debussy doodle and Clair de Lune

Doodle is the clear reflection of his famous piece of work clair de Lune. We can see the beautiful river side view of of night in the doodle. We can see beautiful full moon with moonlight giving color to the night in the doodle. Inclusion of this theme points to clair de lune which means moonlight in french.

Claude Debussy doodle with animation and music by Google
Claude Debussy doodle with animation and music by Google

We can here the marvelous piece of music created by him by clicking on the play button. It is the third movement from the Suite Bergamasque, Clair de Lune included in this animated doodle. Though he began the work for suite bergamasque in 1890 it was only by 1905 he was able to publish it.

Animation begins in the doodle for his birthday by clicking on play button with music. We can see lights turing on and off in the building near the river reflecting the music notes. Chimneys, cycle, smoke, car, balloon and windmill also goes with the perfect theme of music.

The animation in the Claude Debussy doodle ends when the rain starts and two boats with rowers meet each other and share the red umbrella. Google logo will appear in the doodle in white color at last . Music that is included in the doodle is the best known composition of claude.

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