200th Anniversary of Claude Bernard Google doodle

Google use to come up with variety of doodles on special occasions. On the 200th birth anniversary of Claude Bernard they came up with a beautiful Google doodle on the home page landed on France. It was on July 12, 1813 Claude Bernard was born.

200th Anniversary of Claude Bernard Google doodle
200th Anniversary of Claude Bernard Google doodle (July 12, 2013)

The doodle on the homepage of Google was really different and completely designed to makes us remember about Claude Bernard. Claude Bernard Google doodle included the picture of Claude Bernard as a substitution for the alphabet ‘e’ in the doodle which points to his blind experiments on medical drugs and physiology.

Claude Bernard
Claude Bernard

Claude Bernard became famous all over Europe for his experimental studies and success on the functioning of Pancreatic Gland. Claude was given the prize for this experiment by the French Academy of Sciences.

Claude Bernard used vivisection for most of his experiments which was criticized by his wife and daughter.Not only his wife and daughter but also many others also came up with thoughts against the researches and methods adopted by Bernard for his researches. He was recognized as the first man to mention about what now known as Homeostasis.

Claude have told that we have to accept that fact of the theory which we experiments despite of bothering about the predicted results and their correctness and was of the opinion that if the predictions and results vary, we have to accept it and it makes the theory good and science perfect.

Bernard was died at the age of 64 in the year 1878 on February 10th. He was the first French man who was a public funeral. Claude was the man with great confidence. Today on the 200th birthday Google honored him with this doodle on home page of France.

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