Canada Day 2001 Google Doodle

Canada Day celebrated on July 1st is the National Day of Canada. Canada Day was primarily known by the name Dominion Day .The day got its name as Canada Day in the year of 1982 after Canada Act was passed.

Canada Day 2001 Google Doodle
Canada Day 2001(July 1, 2001)

Google took part in Canada Day celebration in the year 2001 by publishing a special doodle on the homepage landed on Canada. Canada Day 2001 Google Doodle included the Google logo with national flag of Canada attached on Google letter ‘l’ and the national animal of Canada the Beaver.

National flag of Canada is also known by the name maple leaf. It is a red flag with White Square with a red maple leaf in the center. Beaver is placed near to the letter ‘G’ in the doodle. There is a simple wish ‘Happy Canada day ‘written with black color as a subtitle in the doodle. Altogether doodle included all the important national symbols in this doodle to wish all Canadians.

In 1867 on July 1st Nova Scotia and New Brunswick united in to a single country under the constitution act. After this union great deal of independence were enjoyed by Canadians. Canada Day became an official holiday in the year 1982. It was on 1917 the official Canada Day celebration started .This was on its 50thyear of  independence. It was in the year 1967 the country celebrated the day together.

Canada Flag
Canada Flag
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Canada is a country with lot of historically important places. It is situated in North America. Ottawa, Vancouver, Niagara, Banff, Montreal, Churchill, Kelowna are some of the famous places in Canada.Canadian culture is mainly influenced from European culture.

The main events that take place on Canada on their national day include parades, carnivals, air and maritime shows, fireworks and so on. National day is celebrated in a grand way allover Canada. After a full day celebration and enjoyment the day will be winded off by firework show on the Parliament Hill.

The love and dedication that Canadians have for their country is clearly visible in all the activities that they undertake to make their national day wonderful. Google’s doodle on this day was a sweet gift for Canadians by Google.

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