Belgium National Day 2003 Google Doodle

Belgium National Day is on 21st July. On this special day Google came up with a special doodle on its home page of Belgium to wish them a great day. National Days are observed with great respect and honor by all countries.

Belgium National Day 2003 Google Doodle
Belgium National Day 2003(July 21, 2003)

Google doodle on the Belgium National Day included the national flag picture in the logo alphabet ‘l’. Belgium Flag of Belgium includes three band of color black, yellow and red. Three colors in the flag have equal width and the bands are placed vertically. At the initial time the band in the flag was designed horizontally. It was on October 12 of 1831 Belgium flag attained its modern form. Google included flag in the Belgium National Day 2003 Google Doodle to spread the importance of the day and also to show the respect for the nation.

It was in 21st July 1831 Belgium got independence from Netherlands. It was after a long war of independence Belgium became an independent nation. It was Leopold of Saxe Corburg the first king of Belgium. He took his oath on 21st July of 1891. It was his high talent and qualification with intimate connection with Britain and France made him elected to be the king.

Belgium National Day Fireworks
Belgium National Day Fireworks
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Belgium has also got significance in world trading. Most of the trade in Belgium is associated to the neighboring countries. The exporting products from Belgium mainly include chemicals, machinery and steel products. Belgium is the best among the countries where the cut diamonds are exported. It’s even considered as the diamond capital of world. The country is blessed with a great geographical and natural beauty. There are many historic places in Belgium which make it a good tourist place in the world.

There are many customs, traditional festivals and celebrations in Belgium. Most of them are associated with some religious beliefs. Christmas is the most and best occasion of celebration in Belgium.  Their national day July 21st is also observed with great respect and honor by the Belgian people. Parades, official speeches, national level programs are also seen on this day in Belgium.

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