Auto manufactures makes right directions with Google Maps

Google Maps stands as a unmatchable service for providing traffic and geographical informations, Now auto manufactures makes right directions with Google Maps. It is Hyundai motors chooses Inbuilt Google Maps for upcoming vehicles. Auto manufactures makes right directions with Google Maps

Today’s popular auto manufactures provide an inbuilt multimedia navigation system within the vehicle,helps to access the right directions and to get informed about the traffic conditions. At the same time it also depends upon the integrated service to the navigation system. That is the drivers must be provided with accurate and useful informations from the service. That’s why the popular car manufactures like BMW, Audi and Ford chooses for Google Maps service. Now widely popular South Korean Auto manufactures Hyundai and Kia integrated their car navigation system with Google Maps services.

Hyundai and Kia integrated Google send to car local search and voice search with their car navigation system.  Hyundai integrate the service with their multi navigation system called Hyundai Blue Link and Kia had done with second generation UVO eService telematics system.

This service is currently available only in USA. Google Maps send to car is an effective service which allows us to send the location listings to our cars. The send data will reach on to the navigation system of our car. The informations being processed in mean time and set the destination spot. This feature helps to find out the unknown location easily. Google Maps send to car firstly tested on leading innovator of automotive space BMW. It is way of sharing the right information to get with proper path.

The Google local search helps to find out the different services arounds you easily and the navigation system will show of the exact path to it. It is also helps to add on effective trip planning services. The turn by turn feature allows you to get the desired destination without having any effort. Voice search is the main feature of this system. It allows you to get the right path and directions through your voice commands. So that you can continue on your driving without having mention about the navigations. There are several auto manufactures used the Google Maps service in their car navigation system before Hyundai group.

The popular German auto manufacture Audi has Google Maps integrated navigation system. The Audi connect featured with satellite and street view imagery local search voice search and real time imagery of the desired place. The digital drive application in Mercedes-Benz Google Street view imagery and local search. It helps you to get on the correct destination. Also the addition of effective Google Earth service to the navigation system brings the entire globe to right on your vehicle.