Australia Day 2005 Google Doodle

It’s the first fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788 is the actual base for the celebration of Australia Day. It’s on 25th of January Australia Day is celebrated. Functions that take place onAustralia Day are special and unique. All over in Australia grand celebrations will be organized on this day.

Australia Day 2005 Google Doodle
Australia Day 2005(January 25, 2005)

Google always takes place in the Australia Day celebrations with the release of beautiful doodles in its homepage. In the year 2005 also the system was same. Google gifted a special doodle on the homepage landed in Australia on 25th January of 2005.

Australia Day 2005 Google Doodle included the Australian National Flag picture on the top Google alphabet ‘l’. Australian national flag is a beautiful flag mainly with the blue color is majority. It also consists of six stars.  Stars in the flag are known by commonwealth stars. It was on 1901 September 3rd the flag was first blown. It was in 1953 by flags act it was officially declared as the Australia National Flag.

Australia Day 2005 Google Doodle  also include the greatest attraction on Australia Uluru know as Ayers rock. It’s situated in central Australia. This rock attracts many people from all around. It’s the largest sandstone rock of Australia. Inclusion of Ayers rock in the doodle added the attraction of the doodle. It was included in the doodle as if Google logo is placed on this Ayers rock. Doodle is given a light bluish shade to represent the night and it also included stars. All these made the doodle special and attractive.

Australia Day is initially known by the name Foundation Day and Anniversary Day. It was in the year 1808 first Australia Day celebration took place. Since then Australians celebrate the day with great respect for the nation.  Australian are broad minded and freethinking people who always like to enjoy freedom of living. They always accept the good in everything and discard the bad. The etiquette of Australians is amazing and something that others try to learn from them. They always try to make happy others those who come across them.

Australia National Flag
Australia National Flag
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Australia Day is an official public Holiday in the country. Many official programs are organized by the authorities for the celebration of the day bright. Citizenship ceremonies and parades take place in Australia every year on this day. Attracting fireworks will be arranged on major cities of the countries.

It’s on Perth the most attractive celebrations take place on that day. More than 50000 people come over there every year to celebrate the day. It’s the best day in the year of Australians. Apart from fun and celebration there will be award ceremonies also. Australian of the Day award is announced on that day every year. It’s given by analyzing the capabilities of the person and their work for the welfare of the nation. In 2005 Google also took part in the celebrations by his doodle.

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