Argentina Independence Day Google Doodle

Independence Day is celebrated by Google in almost all the countries with the release of Doodle. On July 9th it’s the Argentina celebrate the Independence Day. Argentina Independence Day is also called the Birthday of Argentina.

Argentina Independence Day Google Doodle
Argentina Independence Day(July 9, 2007)

Google included Argentina Independence Day Google Doodle which contains the image of Argentina’s flag. National flag is always used by Google in its Independence Day doodle of all countries. Inclusion of National Flag in the doodle helps to spread the importance of the day clearly and symbolically. Google doodle always been a best way by Google to spread the importance of national days all over the world. Google always uses its doodle as a tool for this.

It’s on 1816 congress of Tucuman declared the independence of Argentina. There were many causes which paved the way for Independence of Argentina.  It was the May revolution which was one among the main cause which ended at last in the proclamation of Independence of Argentina.

At the time of Independence there were about 33 deputies in Argentina. It was from the Spanish rule Argentina recovered by declaration of Independence. It was also recovered from the province including Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia.

Argentina Flag
Argentina Flag
Argentinian Independence Day has got some specialties over Independence Day of other countries. In most of the countries people give importance for the outer celebrations like parties, parades and fireworks. In the case of Argentina it’s entirely different. People of Argentina give great importance for this day.

The main programs of the day is in cathedrals and other worship places. There will be also drama performance in all theaters. It’s a very special day for the people of Argentina. People over decorate the houses and other public places with flags and other decorative items as we can see in the Google doodle.

Though the celebrations takes place in cathedrals and theaters it will not completely end inside that. They also conducts special competitions and festive programs on that day as we see in other countries. It is a national holiday in Argentina. Morning parades and night fireworks are a mind blowing sight of that day in Argentina. It’s one of the day that Argentina celebrates together. Google doodle released in the home page landed in Argentina is a clear example for this.They also celebrates the Revolution Day with same importance.

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