ANZAC Day 2007 Google Doodle

ANZAC Day celebrations takes place in Australia and New Zealand every year on the anniversary of the battle at Gallipoli. The soldiers who fought the battle at Gallipoli was specially remembered during this day and honored.

ANZAC Day 2007 Google Doodle
ANZAC Day 2007(April 24, 2007)

ANZAC Day doodle is released by Google every year on this day in the places where it’s observed. Google doodle always includes the national flag, soldier’s hat or wreathes in it to make us remember those who sacrificed the life for country in the battle of Gallipoli.

In the year 2007 Google doodle didn’t include many images in it. It just included the picture of three Poppy flower in it in the place of ‘l’ and ‘e’. In ANZAC Day 2007 Google Doodle we can see that the leers are replaced with this three beautiful red poppies which is regarded as flower of soldier’s. From the year 1915 when the ANZAC Day observance started Poopy flower is associated to it.

The story behind ANZAC Day and poppy flower is that a poet, McCrae lost his best friend in the battle and he was sitting near his tomb and crying then suddenly he came to notice the beautiful red poppies in the battle field and he included this in the poem. From then where ever there is an observance which is dedicated for the honoring of soldiers Poppy flower became the unavoidable matter. We can see poppy wreaths, flower arrangements everywhere in the countries. Popularity of flower have now increased in a great extent that today sometimes ANZAC Day is referred as Poppy Day.

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ANZAC Day functions starts in the morning section of the day of anniversary at the Gallipoli battle. It’s with the poppy parade to honor the soldiers and families the programs of the day begins. People carry Poppy flowers and wreaths in the hands for the parade. After the parade there will be speeches and some associated programs.

It is common that people visit the tombs of dead soldiers and keep poppy wreathes on it and pray for their soul o rest in peace. Government as well as the people of the countries give great importance for the day that is the reason for the beginning of the celebration in the very next year after which the incident related to this occurred.

Gallipoli battle field is visited by a large number of people on this day to show the respect towards the comrades who gave everything including the last drop of blood to the country. It is a special day to honor the special people and the message of the day is to respect all solders who keeps themselves in threat and live you to sleep peacefully every day.

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