ANZAC Day 2005 New Zealand Google Doodle

A day to which makes us remember of the great battle at Gallipoli is the ANZAC Day. New Zealand and Australia are the two places which observe ANZAC Day. ANZAC Day is observed to honor and respect those veterans who gave their valuable life for the country and people.

ANZAC Day 2005 New Zealand Google Doodle
ANZAC Day 2005 New Zealand(April 25, 2005)

Google Doodle on ANZAC Day 0f 2005 included the figure of National flag and poppy flower which is the symbol of remembrance. By including national flag image in  ANZAC Day 2005 New Zealand Google Doodle designer announced the significance of the day symbolically in the country. National flag is used with respect in every nation. National flag in the doodle shows the importance of respecting those people who shed their blood for the nation.

The usage of poppy flower for the Remembrance Day was after McCrae poems to honor his friend in the battle. It was believed that poet saw red poppies blossoming near the battle field while he was sitting near the tomb of his friend who died in the battle. He included this in his poem since then red poppy became unavoidable image in the days which is observed to honor soldiers who died in the battles. Different types of poppy flower wreaths are kept on the tombs of the dead one on these days.  Poppy parades are common in Australia and New Zealand on ANZAC Day.

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ANZAC Day is observed not only to honor those who died in the battle at Gallipoli. It’s a day in which the nations show the respect to their family members who gave their beloved ones for the nation. For those soldiers who lost the life in the battle at Gallipoli nation give a heartfelt salute on that day. It’s their respect that is reflected in every ceremony that is organized on ANZAC Day.

Soldiers the fought the battle in Gallipoli are said to be the comrades that had the ANZAC spirit. That means it’s believed that Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought the battle at Gallipoli possessed some common characteristic like mate ship, courage, confidence and humor sense.

It was in 1916 the first ANZAC Day observance took place. There were many criticisms related to the observance of the day. Some believed that observing ANZAC Day does not have any value at all. It was after the play ‘The one day of the year’ the first opposition was raised against the observance of the day. It was told by Paul Keating in his speech that the observance of this day is utter nonsense.  Though there were many oppositions and criticisms the day was observed with all is importance since 1916.

Many traditional sports competitions are kept on this day every year to make it a special day of the year. Many poets and writers wrote articles, poems and journals taking the theme of ANZAC Day. Special rituals and prayers takes place in the worship places to pray for the soul of the soldiers scarified the life in past battles. In Australia and New Zealand the name given for the day is ANZAC Day. Similarly many other counties also dedicate a day to remember those comrades who gave life for nation. Remembrance Day, Armistice Day, Veterans Day is some other name for the days which is observed with similar motives and customs.

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