ANZAC Day 2005 Australia Google Doodle

ANZAC Day celebration takes place in April 25th every year to honor those who sacrificed their life in the battle of Gallipoli. ANZAC Day is observed in Australia and New Zealand. ANZAC is the abbreviation used for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. ANZAC Day has got great significance in these countries.

ANZAC Day 2005 Australia Google Doodle
ANZAC Day 2005 Australia(April 25, 2005)

Google also takes parts in the observances of the day by releasing doodle in homepage every year.  Likewise in the year 2005 also they came up with the doodle which makes us remember the great sacrifice of the soldiers. Google doodle included the figure of Australian national flag in the place of Google alphabet ‘l’ and poppy flowers. Poppy flowers have got a great relation with the observance of the day. It’s the flower which is used to represent the great deeds of these veterans who worked for country regardless of their life.

ANZAC Day observance started in the year 1915. It was in this year the incident which became the base for this day happened. On that particular day a half day leave was declared in Australia when the arrival of ANZAC was noticed.  ANZAC Day is observed on the anniversary of Gallipoli battle every year. It was on April 30th the first celebration related to ANZAC Day took place. In the year 1915 on October 13than eight hour silence was observed in South America.


ANZAC Day was observed with great respect and honor in Australia and New Zealand. On this day many special ceremonies and parades are arranged all across the country to make it a special day of year. The wide participation of people for ANZAC Day parades shows how much respect they give for their country and their soldiers.

It was in 1916 the official declaration for the observance of ANZAC Day took place. The date is official confirmed as April 22nd for the ANZAC Day observance. From then every year special prayer and other rituals takes place in the battle place at Gallipoli on this day.

A day to remember those who shed their blood for nation is observed in almost all countries. The name given for this day varies from country to country. Armistice Day, Veterans Day and Remembrance Day are some them. All these are dedicated to the comrades who fought for the country and sacrificed their life. Poppy parade and prayers are common on these days also like ANZAC Day. People all over the country gather together to pray for the soul of  those martyrs who died at Gallipoli on this day and keep poppy wreaths on their tombs.

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