Google – Aliyun is a forked version of Android OS

Aliyun is the mobile operating system provided by Chinese manufacture Alibaba. Now Google claimed that Aliyun is a forked version of Android OS.
Aliyun is a forked version of Android OS

Google said that they are the designers of Android and manufacturing of android phones are done by another companies like Samsung HTC and Motorola. Google offers Android OS to free of cost. Any tech companies can take this operating system and made their own actions to get more customizable version. When the OS changed to a forked version it is not compatible with other Android devices. It became forked version of android.

These changes can be only take over by the companies which is under open handset alliance. According to open handset alliance all handset manufactures should develop handset based platform. Alibaba’s Aliyun is forked version of android and it is incompatible with other Android devices.forked version of Android

At the same time the Chinese tech company Alibaba said that their operating system is not a part of Android. Aliyun is their own creation so that it does not have to be compatible with Android. They also reported that Taiwanese company Acer gets forced by the Google to opt out of from unveiling Aliyun based smart phones. If Acer goes on Aliyun then Google stop its Android cooperation with the company. That is Google hardly belived that Aliyun is forked version of android operating system.

Google said that Aliyun tries to become the Chinese Android but it will not become compatible. These typed of operating system break customer relation and developers mentality. At the same time the companies like Samsung HTC and Motorola uses Android under the OS ecosystem.

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