Alexander Popov Invention of the Radio Google Doodle

Radio Day is celebrated every year on May 7th. It’s on 1895 Alexander Popov’s Invention of the Radio and its first successful demonstration took place. The day is also a day dedicated for the communication workers. Google doodle on the day in the year 2009 was especially dedicated for the commemoration of this incident.

Alexander Popov Invention of the Radio Google Doodle
Alexander Popov Invention of the Radio Google Doodle (May 7, 2009)

In the Alexander Popov Invention of the Radio Google Doodle ,we can see the logo pictured with a wooden block and the model of radio demonstrated by Alexander Popov. It was in Eastern Europe the invention of radio is associated with Alexander Popov. In some other places over world Marconi and Tesla is related with the invention of radio.

Beginning of the observance of radio day as May 7th started in the year 1945. It was on the 50th anniversary of Alexander Popov’s invention of radio. Alexander Popov was born on March 16th of 1859. From the earlier days of life itself he had great interest on experiments and physics.

Alexander Popov
Alexander Popov

It was for the Russian Physical and Chemical society the demonstration of the radio that he worked out by the year 1894 was conducted. It was a great success and he was able to explain the radio communication to the officials over there.

Starting from that time Popov worked on many experiments related to physics and assisted many scientist of the time with his brilliance and ideas which contribute a lot in the research of telegraph.

In the year 1901 Alexander Popov was selected as a professor of Electrotechinical Institute in which later he became the director after five years.

Popov’s  invention of radio have got great recognition in Russia and there released a postal stamp with the picture of his radio demonstration in the year 1989. A minor planet 2074 Popov is named after him to honor him for his works. By the release of this doodle on the anniversary of Alexander Popov invention of radio Google also honored him.

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