66th Anniversary of Roswell UFO incident Reporting Google Doodle

Google Doodle on July 8th in the memory of  Roswell UFO incident which took place in 1947. 66th Anniversary of Roswell UFO incident Reporting Google Doodle is an animated one with sound and it’s entirely in a different style.UFO Doodle includes a play button in it to start the animation.

66th Anniversary of Roswell UFO incident Reporting Google Doodle
66th Anniversary of Roswell UFO incident Reporting (July 8, 2013)

In the doodle we can see the UFO in the place of Google logo alphabet ‘o’ with an alien in it. While clicking on the play button we can see UFO flying out of control and crashing on earth. To give a comic touch to the Google doodle there is an option to find the parts of the spaceship by moving the alien to all directions using the components available over there.

It was in Roswell, a place near Mexico this incident took place. This was an incident which lead to many controversies during the time. Reports that spread during the time stated of a space craft crashing with an extraterritorial life in it. After this incident there were many such incidents reported in the news in the following years.

Google doodle that published on the 66th anniversary of Roswell UFO incident was really innovative and was in a new style. Inclusion of the theme of alien to recover his lost UFO parts to continue the journey to space made it interactive with the user. At the end after finding the space objects entire parts we can see the alien continuing the journey and the new paper reports scrolling in front of the user.

This year on the 66th Anniversary of Roswell UFO incident reporting we can see a three day festival for the remembrance of this incident. Many talks on the topic related to aliens, UFO and extra territorial life are included as the part of festival. Google also took part in this three day special festival of this incident with this doodle which animated with lot of comic and interactive ingredients.


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  • george

    MEMORIZE? Do you mean commemorate? or how about memorialize?

    • sunaina sangeet

      Hai…George…Thanks for reading my article….Now telling about MEMORIZE…I used
      it in the sense that Google made us remember about that particular incident with this doodle….MEMORIZE= commit to memory….Thank You…..

      • al

        Sunaina, memorize is like remembering that 2×2=4. Commemorate means to remember an event. Mermorialize is to make a memorial out of it. I think that commemorate was the word you were looking for.

        • Sunaina Sangeet

          Thanks for the information al….will keep in mind…..