Apple celebrating 5th anniversary of App store today

The iDevice holders always connect with app store to browse download and to update applications. Today Apple celebrating 5th anniversary of App store. On this day Apple provided the users top 5 applications and games for free.

5th anniversary of App storeAs we know the Smartphones and Tablets are nothing without the presence of application. Apple app store is a digital distribution source for applications from Apple SDK. Apple launched the application store in the year of 2008. At that time the app store had only 500 applications and now it enriches with 900000 applications. On this day Apple celebrating the 5th anniversary of app store with 50 billion download record.

Apple app store provides both free and pad applications. As today became the 5th anniversary of app store Apple provides top five applications and games for free to the users. The top applications and games being offered for free on this day are:

Top 5 free applications on 5th anniversary of App store

  • Barefoot world atlas – It is a magical 3D globe application from iOS that allows exploring the nations. Very useful for students and teachers.
  • Day One – It is a journal/ dairy application for iOS users. It helps to add your ideas, events and photos. It can be synchronize to other iDevices using iCloud or Dropbox.
  • How To Cook Everything – This application tech you to how to cook more than 2000 top recipes.
  • Over – It is one of the innovative photo-text applications available within app store.
  • Traktor DJ for iPhone – It is the most popular DJ software available for iPhone.
Top 5 free games
  • Badland – It is an atmospheric action adventure game for iPhone.
  • Infinity Blade II – It is an award winning game for iPhone. Now it is available for free.
  • Super brothers: Sword and Sworcery EP – It is another award winning game for iOS users.
  • Tiny Wings – It is a wonderful application that makes flying experience through floating through the hills.
  • Where is my water – It is an award winning puzzler for iPhone.

Now get this free applications and games from Apple app store. We can hope that Apple will provide even more innovative applications and games in coming months.