56th Birthday of Yasim Ahmad celebrated with Google Doodle

56th Birthday of Yasim Ahmad celebrated with Google Doodle on 7th January 2014. Yasim was a television artist, director, scriptwriter.

56th Birthday of Yasim Ahamed celebrated with Google Doodle
56th Birthday of Yasim Ahamed celebrated with Google Doodle(January 7, 2014)

In the Google doodle to honor this talented women Google included the style adopted from her movie Sepet in the design of doodle. Google doodle also included the image of Yasim in it , It’s the alphabet ‘l’ in the doodle replaced with the image of Yasim. Yasim image is presented in the Google doodle as if it is sketched in it.

Yasim Ahmad was born on Malaysia. The doodle is published on Google Malaysia in her honor. As mentioned before Sepet in one of the movie by Yasim which got great publicity, honors and awards. Google logo is wrote similarly as the title of the movie written in the introduction of film and Sepet film posters.

Yasim was born on 17 January 1958. It was Yasim’s way of including love, humor and heart touching themes made her works loved by audience all over crossing the barriers.  Apart from the movies , she also did ads which was also equally accepted.

Yasim Ahmad entered in the field of film making with the film Rabun in 2002. First film by Yasim itself was a great success. Rabun got many awards and honors through out the country. This was the best childrens film of the year. Next huge hit from Yasim was the ‘Sepet’, love story of Chinese boy and Malay girl. As i mentioned before Google doodle in Yasim’s tribute was designed taking essence of this movie. ‘Sepet’ was choosen as the best film in 2005 at international film festival , Tokyo. Yasim was also honored for the direction of Sepet and film got many awards that year.

Yasim died on 25th July 2009 at the age of 51 due to stroke. Yasim, during her lifetime given the best efforts and world recognized her talent. Google honored her with this doodle on her birthday in 2014.

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