4th of July 2003 Google Doodle

4th of July is the Independence Day of United States. This day has got great importance in United States.  4th of July is a holiday in United States. United States is afederal Constitutional Republic and is situated in Central Northern America. It’s on 4th of July 1776 United States became republic. Delegates from 13 states came together and announced the declaration of Independence on this day.

4th of July 2003 Google Doodle
4th of July 2003(July 4, 2003)

The celebrations of this day in United States are outstanding and marvelous. In fact it’s the most celebrated day in Unite States. People over there celebrate the day with great importance and respect. July 4th is a paid federal holiday in United States.  In some years including 1779 this day was on Sunday and the government declared holiday on 5th of July. It was in 1938 congress declared this as paid federal holiday.

Google also participated in the happiness of the day by this doodle. 4th of July 2003 Google Doodle included all the ingredients to convey the message of the day. Doodle was published in the homepage of Google landed on United States. It was specially designed with fireworks and flag color of United States. The inclusion of statue of liberty in the place of Google letter ‘l’ is relevant. Firework, flag color, stars all these added beauty to the doodle. It’s a simple yet colorful doodle.

Fireworks on 4th of July
Fireworks on 4th of July
[ Image Credit :panoramic.com]
Independence Day parades are seen everywhere in the morning of this day. The eye catching fireworks occur in the evening time at the major city shopping malls, tourist places and restaurants. Americans celebrates the day with single heart and soul.

People all over are migrating to America as this country provides good life. Life style of the people there is simple .They are said to be the most educated and broad minded people. Freedom of living is enjoyed by all those living in America. Google honored this great country on its day of Independence with this special doodle.

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