4th of July 2002 Google Doodle

United States celebrates 4th of July as their Independence Day and is declared as National holiday. Google dedicated a special doodle on this occasion. 4th of July is a Federal holiday in United States.

4th of July 2002 Google Doodle
4th of July 2002 (July 4, 2002)

Google released4th of July 2002 Google Doodle on the occasion of United States Independence Day. There are changes in the color of alphabets in the Google logo. Apart from that there is nothing significantly pictured in the doodle. The alphabets are written using the design of United States National flag.

United States were divided in to thirteen colonies during the ruling of Great Britain. As a part of taking steps towards the independence, second Continental Congress put forward a resolution step and is known as American resolution. The proposal of resolution independence is given by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia. The members agreed on the move by the voting. So as a result of this voting it is decided that to move forward with American resolution.

The decision of getting independence for United States from Great Britain was the result of this resolution proposed in June. They decided that it is the right time for fighting for freedom. The committee members prepared a statement which clearly explains about the facts emerged in the second congress.

National Flag of US
National Flag of US
[ Image Credit : flagspot.net ]
Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of this prepared statement. The committee signed the declaration document on 4th of July. But some disputes are rise about the national day celebration as the result of it. The dispute is cleared by the committee members itself. Congress taken the decision for declaration of Independence on 2nd July and office ally signed it on 4th of July. So 4th of July become the Day of Independence.

Independence Day is celebrated as national holiday in United States with some patriotic displays. The federal institutions like postal service and federal courts are closed on that day as Independence Day is celebrated as federal festival. On this occasion famous politicians address the public and praise the nation for its rich heritage, tradition and developments.

Firework show is accompanied with the National Anthem and other songs that praise about the history and tradition of the nation. The military base fires gun for single time and are called as “salute to the union”. The official customs of National Day is mostly observed on 4th of July. But the no of days for celebration of National day will change according to the region and day in which 4th of July comes.

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