4th of July 2001 Google Doodle

4th of July has got a great significance in the history of United States. 4th July is the national day of United States.  United States of America was established after the declaration of independence by delegates of 13 states in continental congress on 4th July 1776.

4th of July 2001 Google Doodle
4th of July 2001 (July 4, 2001)

4th of July 2001 Google Doodle was specially designed to wish the happiness of this day. Doodle was designed with American flag colors blue, red and white. It also include the picture the national bird of America .The inclusion of national bird and national flag colors in the doodle are really apt for this day to convey the message of independence.

The placement of the national bird eagle on the top of Google alphabet ‘e’ added the beauty of doodle. We can also see that the doodle pictured beautiful fireworks in it and this makes doodle equally good as 4th of July 2000 Google doodle.

From the year of freedom Americans celebrated the day with great importance. In the year of 1779   July 4th was a Sunday so July 5thwas given as holiday to celebrate. The day has got a great importance for Americans. In the year 1938 congress changed the independence day of United States as a paid federal holiday.

United States Flag
United States Flag
(Image Credit : Collegelifestyle.org)

People in America celebrate the day with Independence Day parade, fireworks, musical concerts, parties and picnics. Everywhere in the country we can see decorations with balloons, flowers and flags. The colors used for decoration on this day are red, blue and white which are seen on the national flag of United States.

Independence Day parades are commonly held on morning and grand fireworks and parties occur on evening. People from different parts of the country gather together in public places to celebrate and enjoy.

Google doodle to honor this great country on its independent day has succeeded in its aim. Doodle reflected all the specialty of the day with its perfect design.

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