Google celebrates 140th birthday of Max Svabinsky with Doodle

Today Google celebrates 140th birthday of Max Svabinsky with Doodle. Max Svabinsky is one of the most popular Czech painter of 20th century.

140th birthday of Max Svabinsky with Doodle
140th birthday of Max Svabinsky with Doodle (September 17, 2013)

Within 140th birthday of Max Svabinsky with Google Doodle you can see the artists working on his paintings. Google portraits each letter in the logo as the painting boards within this Doodle. It is also resembles to famous work of Max Svabinsky, the poor region.

Max Svabinskyis considered as greatest artist of Czech, who takes the responsibility of promoting Czech arts. Max Svabinsky works with all graphical techniques such as etching, dry point engraving, mezzotint, lithography, woodcut…Etc.This art Doodle of Svabinsky also highligjhted that

Max Svabinsky
Max Svabinsky

Svabinsky have his own style in the filed of applied graphics, he was very successful in the filed. Svabinsky also have creativity in developing postage stamps and bank notes. The poor region, The studio, birds of paradise, grand mother, windows in St. Vitus cathedral are Max Svabinsky’s famous works.

Max Svabinsky made may paintings by inspired by history of Czech. Svabinsky took nature and historic tendencies as his favorite subjects for painting, he also chooses important persons of Czech and personal friends for making paintings. In 1945 Max Svabinsky awarded with the title of  national artist of Czech. After his death the house had renovated and open for visitors.

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