100th Birthday of Wilbur Norman Christiansen celebrated with Google doodle

100th Birthday of Wilbur Norman Christiansen doodle  , the radio astronomer from Australia was published on Google Australia on August 9, 2013. It was in 1913 Wilbur Norman Christiansen was born at Melbourne.

100th Birthday of Wilbur Norman Christiansen doodle
100th Birthday of Wilbur Norman Christiansen (August 9, 2013)

Google doodle on 100th Birthday of Wilbur Norman Christiansen perfectly reflect the message of the day in it by honoring Chris and his contributions to the world. From the childhood itself he was very much interested in inventions and discovery.

Google logo included dark blue background with Nebula and beautiful galaxy in it. In the place of alphabet ‘o’ there is a replacement with the core of fiery color. Other alphabets in the logo is included with slight dim shade of blue. Doodle is given a clear image of his spiral galaxy discovery in it.

Wilbur Norman Christiansen
Wilbur Norman Christiansen
[Image Credit :csiropedia]
Wilbur Norman Christiansen was born on August 9th before 100 years. He specialized in radio astronomy. After getting the normal primary education he entered in to the University of Melbourne during 1930’s where he studied science. During that time he worked for labor party for the welfare of common men strictly following the humanitarian values.

By 1950’s his contributions to the science entered in to a high level with the support and help of renowned scientist of that time. During that period he reached a conclusion on the research stating about spiral Galaxy and H-Line emission.

During his life time apart from proving as a good inventor, physicist and engineer he also proved to be a good leader and human. He decorated the designation of Vice President of International Astronomical Union, President of URSI and Foreign Secretory of Australian Academy of Science during his life time. Apart from this he was also a good professor.

He was given many honors and awards for his contributions throughout the lifetime including Kernot Prize, Dwight Prize in Physics and many doctorates.  It was on 2007 April 27th he died.

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