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Animated Google Doodle to Mark 101st Anniversary of Electric Traffic Signal System

Google Doodle to Mark 101st Anniversary of Electric Traffic Signal System(August 5, 2015)

Its on 1914 August 5th first electric traffic signal system installed at Euclid Avenue and East 105th street in Cleveland,Ohio. Google marks 101st anniversary of it with an animated doodle on homepage of selected countries today. It’s based on James Hoge’s design, first electric traffic signal system including red and green light along with a buzzer to indicate the color ... Read More »

Google Doodle Marks Opening of LA2015, Special Olympics Summer World Games

Special Olympics Summer World Games 2015 Google Doodle

Google presents doodle on opening day of Special Olympics Summer World Games 2015. Doodle is global and animated. Starting from July 25th, Special Olympics 2015 lasts till August 2, 2015. Circle of Inclusion which supports acceptance and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities is included in design theme by Google doodle team lead by Ryan Germick. Special Olympic Organization launched Circle ... Read More »

Alessandro Volta , inventor of Electric Cell gets a Global Google Doodle

Alessandro Volta Google Doodle

Alessandro Volta, the inventor of Electric Battery gets a Global Google Doodle on 270th Birthday. Volta, the Italian Physicist was born on February 18, 1745. Voltaic Pile is highlighted in animated doodle for Volta. Continuously flowing electricity was introduced to the world for first time with Voltaic Pile. Google logo alphabets lights up in doodle. You can also see in ... Read More »

Animated Travel Doodle by Google for Christmas Day, third in the Holiday 2014 Series

Animated Google Doodle for Holiday 2014 December 25

Google’s third doodle for Holiday 2014 will be present in your homepage on Christmas Day, December 25. Doodle will be present in countries were the previous doodles in the series are seen. Theme of today’s Google Doodle is travel. As Happy Holiday season is all about travel, meeting and fun, i think this concept is cool for the day. As ... Read More »

Holidays 2014 Google Doodle greets users with caption ‘Tis The Season!

Happy Holiday 2014 Google Doodle

Greeting users ‘Tis the Season!,Google presents first doodle of Holidays 2014 on December 23. Doodle depicts group of children enjoying ride in sleigh pulled by a reindeer. Google publishes Doodles in homepage across the globe on series of holidays in month of December, this is search giants way of celebrating Christmas and New Year holiday season. This doodle that you ... Read More »

Google Doodle Celebrates 119th Birthday of Anna Freud

Google Doodle Celebrates 119th Birthday of Anna Freud

Anna Freud is  youngest daughter of Sigmund Freud who is known as Father of Psychoanalysis. It’s on December 3, 1895 Anna Freud born in Vienna. Today, Google is celebrating 119th Birthday of Anna Freud with doodle on homepage of different countries. Following her father’s path, Anna Freud contributed to psychoanalysis. Anna is one among the founder of psychoanalytic child psychology. ... Read More »

Google Doodle Marks Children’s Day on November 20 in Multiple Countries

Children's Day 2014 Google Doodle

After marking Children’s Day in Google India with the winning doodle of D4G India 2014 on November 14, now Google marks Children’s day of multiple countries on 20 November. Date for celebration of Children’s is different in different countries. About 25 countries in world celebrates Children’s Day on November 20th every year including UAE, France, Spain, Greece, Malaysia, Switzerland, Ethiopia, ... Read More »

Israeli Pop icon Ofra Haza gets a Google Doodle on 57th Birthday

Ofra Haza Google Doodle

Wednesday’s Google Doodle in Israeli homepage is dedicated to iconic singer Ofra Haza. It’s to mark 57th Birthday of Ofra, search giant changed logo on Google Israel , 19 November 2014. Doodle for Ofra Haza portraits her at center, singing in white dress with golden accessories. Logo alphabets are included in Golden italics in logo. Ofra was introduced to the ... Read More »

Happy Halloween 2014 says Google Doodle

Halloween 2014 Google Doodle

Hope your Halloween  2014 Party is all set. Wishing Happy Halloween 2014, Google is ready for Halloween blast with the series of spooky doodles on homepage.Google Doodle on 31st October, For Halloween will be visible in selected countries .Unsurprisingly, its animated too. Happy Halloween, says Google Doodle to you.This time, its not one doodles, Google is ready with the series ... Read More »